Continuing with its Corporate Social Responsibility plan and support to the Armed Forces, EXO Argentina donated technological equipment. One of them will be destined to the Petrel Joint Antarctic Base and the other one will be destined to support the Joint Antarctic Command Health.

Both pieces of equipment donated by EXO are of vital importance for the Joint Antarctic Command (COCOANTAR), whose mission is to conduct Argentine operations in Antarctica on a permanent and continuous basis.

EXO's Social Responsibility Manager, Fernando González, presents the two notebooks. The meeting was attended by Captain and Second Antarctic Joint Commander, Luis Cortes, Lieutenant Colonel Martin Sakamoto, Chief of Petrel Base, and Dr. Soledad Rivero, Chief of Antarctic Joint Health.

Fernando González, EXO's Social Responsibility and Sustainability Manager, emphasized that "at EXO we are very proud to continue accompanying the Joint Antarctic Command in its missions, as we understand the great importance of incorporating the latest technology equipment in the campaigns carried out at the different bases".

The mission of the Argentine Joint Antarctic Command (COCOANTAR) is to conduct Argentine operations permanently and continuously in Antarctica and the area of interest, to ensure the deployment, logistical support and development of scientific activity, in order to contribute to the fulfillment of the Annual Antarctic, Scientific, Technical and Services Plan. It should be noted that Argentina administers thirteen bases in Antarctica, of which seven are permanent (operating all year round) and the rest are temporary (operating only in summer).