Aula Digital EXO is a comprehensive solution for incorporating technology in the classroom as a tool for consultation, collaboration and integration of curricular content in the various areas of learning. The purpose of this solution is to make use of technology in a transversal way in the classroom and not limit it to computer classes in the traditional computer lab. Being able to use technological tools without being the protagonists of teaching, but rather the curricular synergy that they generate, is the central point of incorporating ICTs in educational institutions. Surveys reveal that in 90% of cases, the stimulation and motivation of a student increases when technology is integrated into the classroom.


Class management software

For the collaboration between teacher and student

ebeam's interactive digital pizzeria device

that transforms any surface into a digital blackboard

Digital Projector

With short distance wide angle lens and high brightness working with natural light

Exomate's, educational notebook

specially designed for the study

EXO C30 Mobile Charging Cabinet

for the loading, storage and transfer of the Exomate's 


Aula Digital EXO is an easy to assemble, install and display solution and we invite interested parties to attend a monthly demonstration. We can also arrange special demonstrations to those who request them through our contact form


The teacher training provided by EXO aims to promote and contribute to the educational use of technology in the classroom, offering resources in consistent and practical examples that stimulate teachers to create their digital lessons and activities and to collaborate with each other, sharing resources, experiences and results.
In 95% of the cases, training is indispensable for a correct implementation and execution of the solution, as teachers often feel insecure about a change in teaching habits and need a correct introduction to the new learning environment.
In the course of the evolution of the EXO Digital Classroom project, we have also observed that teachers needed training support, not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of the use of the tool as a means of incorporating content in a more attractive way and not as an end in itself.

The question is, how can teachers make good use of the tool and make it really useful in the classroom?
The first step is to recognise the tool as an everyday instrument such as a book or a piece of chalk, then it is necessary to know how to use it in the classroom.

the potential of these, in order to then be encouraged to create, test and trust.
It is essential to do research, lose fear, produce content and share it. It is important to understand that technology does not replace other tools; technology is just another tool for teachers and students.
the training provided by exo consists of two modules
are made up of two modules:
  • Basic training:
Objective: that the participant can recognize the main hardware characteristics of the equipment and can begin to develop new skills and competencies based on his or her experience as a teacher and the use of technology.
  • Advanced training:
Objective: that the participant can put into practice the knowledge acquired in the basic training adding to the experience developed in the classroom with the children and the Digital Classroom